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Business and Courage: Are Entrepreneurs Modern Heroes?

Does it take courage to undertake  ?


In the idea that people have on a daily basis, the entrepreneur is often considered a heroic figure  : Creator of activity, of economic value for himself and his environment, thruster  of books … The entrepreneur then appears as a solitary being, animated by a sure passion, capable of bringing his ideas to fruition.

The risk-taking essential to entrepreneurship reinforces this vision  : heavy responsibilities are based on his shoulders such as the success of the project, its development, the jobs he or she creates.

And of all the qualities that we recognize in entrepreneurs, courage is one of those that tops the list.

Many entrepreneurs remember times when they had to overcome fear and muster all their courage  : a situation of failure which required them courage to bounce back and be able to recover for example.

The shock of an ordeal is one thing, but making repeated decisions for your future and that of your employees is quite another.

The risks are greater when you have a team with you. Psychologically, it is more difficult.



”  Courage is without failure, because what counts in courage is not the result but the act. Courage redeems all possible failures.  “



A daily and constant act

The aim of courage is not to aim for glory and to be noticed by an exceptional and grandiose gesture.

Courage is rather a daily and constant act , without stopping, where everyone acts on their own scale.

But the courage to go into business already makes the entrepreneur a courageous person.

For those who undertake and aspire by their acts to change their world, and why not the world, it is then a question of rethinking the very notion of failure  and de-dramatize it.

Whatever happens, an experience remains a colossal source of learning.

Even in the event of failure, it is possible to use these skills learned, from your network in another project why not …



An important quality

For many theorists, courage appears as a quality moral at the base of all the others. Without courage, there is no prudence, no wisdom.

This is well suited to entrepreneurs who are, generally, neither thoughtless people nor people in excess, but rather cautious beings whose mission is to minimize the risk.

With all of these nuances provided by philosophy and the entrepreneurs themselves, courage therefore appears to be a motor.

For them, often there is courage, hard work but above all curiosity, this thirst to explore new territories.

Being curious is a real driving force for entrepreneurship  !

Without being the absolute driving force of the entrepreneur, courage would rather be the link Between  all other qualities.




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31 October 2022

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