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For the renovations of a multi-unit, do we have to do business with a general contractor?

According to article 41 of the Building Act (RSQ, c. B-1.1) and subject to a few exemptions, a license is required for a contractor who carries out or has construction work carried out on the premises. site and on the job, in particular equipment intended for public use (section 10 of the Act) and designated by regulation.

A general contractor in building of any kind 1.3 can take the mandate of renovation of the multi-unit building. He can carry out himself (with his employees) or outsource the work authorized by his sub-category (Annex III of the regulations and the structural work referred to in Annex II).

He will have to subcontract all the work of Annex II not authorized by his license, in particular electricity.

A specialized contractor holding all the relevant subcategories can also take the mandate to carry out it himself (with his employees) or entrust it in whole or in part as a subcontractor.

The owner of the building may carry out the work in Annex III himself (without a license and with his employees).

He will need to have a compliant owner-builder license if he wishes to award more than one contract to contractors to perform Annex II work (example; electricity and structure).

The RBQ oversees the application of the Building Act and in particular contractor’s licenses. The competence of the workforce in the construction industry (LRQ, c. R-20) falls to the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ).

31 October 2022

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