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How to make a success of your year?

And you what have you planned for this new school year 2019-2020?

It’s the same story every year: the idleness of the holidays and the mild summer give way to the resumption of work and the timed daily life in September.

To remedy this fog that sets in every year and to re-motivate you, Formation Construction suggests that you start off for another year on the right foot.

Why not realize that entrepreneurial project that you have had in mind for some time now?

How about launching your company this year?


Set new professional goals

Challenging yourself on new professional projects can allow you to project yourself with enthusiasm and to apprehend this new year differently.

Acquire new skills by registering for training, preparing for RBQ exams  to change jobs, get your RBQ license to start your company, you can place the cursor wherever you want.

The main thing is to achieve your ambitions!



Formation Construction offers you a complete training accessible for 1 year, starting from your registration date and in unlimited consultation.

For 1 year, you benefit from personalized educational support as well as access to exercises and training on the teaching platform.

You can adjust your course as you wish and study at your own pace.

Our courses are for all routes.

Whether you are in the construction industry or not, whether you are retraining or working in a completely different field, whether you are still studying …

The lessons are very progressive, clear and concrete and are aimed at all levels.

In addition, our trainers offer you follow-up throughout your training.


Do not hesitate to join the team at 1 (866) 626 8055



Founded in 2000, Formation Construction is the largest provider of preparatory training for passing RBQ exams in Canada.

Thousands of entrepreneurs – from various industries – have taken a course at Formation Construction.

Our 100% online courses are designed by leading specialists in the construction industry.

Throughout your study, the trainers are available to help you, answer your questions and monitor your progress 24/7.

We help you to put together your compliant file, which should be sent to the RBQ.

At each stage of your project, you get  advice from expert professionals to help you ask yourself the right questions and provide you with the essential tools to ensure you start a lucrative business.

You are oriented on the insurance and mandatory guarantees related to your entrepreneur’s license and have access to a panel of services essential to your business launch.

31 October 2022

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