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Let’s probe your qualities as an Entrepreneur!

Let’s explore your qualities as an Entrepreneur  !

In June 2016, the results of a survey on Renovation Contractors stated that the construction and renovation industry had a very bad reputation. Yes but now, this survey was carried out on behalf of a private company. This Service Company helps consumers find the perfect Entrepreneur among a internal database of Entrepreneurs who have paid to be part of it.

At the time, an association of construction professionals in Quebec reacted by saying that it is not easy to comment on the results of a survey, without knowing the questions submitted to the respondents.

In September 2016, this same association in turn carried out a survey from 1,000 Quebec owners who have had renovation work done or intend to do so.

The contrast is striking since 3 months have passed and the results indicate that 94% of owners who use Entrepreneurs say they are satisfied with their services . If we decipher these results a little, we see that more than half (55%) of respondents say they are very satisfied and more than a third (38%) rather satisfied, to the point that most (91%) would be ready to recommend the Entrepreneur to those around them . Only 6% of survey participants said they were unhappy with the work.

Rather confusing isn’t it  ?

But then what to do to give confidence to its customers or prospects?  ?
First of all, know that if a customer calls on you, it is often to have major work carried out (ex.  : kitchen renovation, fitting out of a basement).

By entrusting you with the management of his project, he also entrusts you with the realization of his dream, which he may have been maturing for years. You are sort of the ”  Hero  Which must carry out the whole project by ensuring that the dream is realized in a harmonious way by relieving the client of any potential dose of stress.

Always keep in mind that this muri project represents a big investment for the client. It is therefore important for him to feel confident with an Entrepreneur who is attentive and who masters technical skills.


First, you need to establish a relationship of trust with the client, right from the request for a quote. Listen to him, enthusiastic about his project (small or large), and smile. Ask him questions about what exactly he expects, about the expected deadline for the work.

For his part, make sure that the client will certainly have made or intends to make checks concerning you.

You can already reassure him by showing him the originals of  :


Plan to leave a copy of these documents with your client.


Also prepare in a portfolio  :

  • A work guarantee document that you sign in the presence of the client and hand it over to him,
  • Your references from former clients who have had similar work carried out in order to show the quality of your work, the deadlines and the quotes respected,
  • Contracts pre-filled with your information, namely  :
  • Your name and address,
  • Your License and Permit Numbers,
  • The Declaration that you agree to comply with municipal regulations and the standards of the National Building Code,
  • Your Liability Insurance Policy Number and the name of your insurance company,


You will fill in the empty spaces of the contract with the customer, namely  :


  • The start and end dates of the work (enter in the contract ”  The work will be carried out before or at the latest on (date), otherwise the trader undertakes to remit the deposit  “)
  • The detailed description of the work to be performed, as well as the type and quantity of materials to be used (annex the tender to the contract),
  • The Total Cost and the terms of Payment (add a mention indicating that the contract amount includes the  collection of construction debris at the end of the work)


The copy of the contract ”  Itinerant trader  »That you give to the customer must be accompanied by the 2  following documents  :


Be aware that if you do not join these 2  documents, the customer will have the right to cancel his contract within one year of the conclusion of the sale.


In conclusion, informing your client well, being aware of his rights and remedies, of your duties, is a good thing. But you also have to be flexible on both sides, because in home renovation not everything can be written down and documented perfectly.

It is essential that you and your client have fun in the renovations in order for the project to be carried out smoothly.

This inevitably requires a healthy relationship of trust.

It is therefore up to you alone that will return the results of the survey of ”  your  ” clients …

31 October 2022

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