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New buildings: putting online the directory of technical ratings and contractor satisfaction ratings temporarily postponed.

Those who want to buy a new house or a condo in a building nine of a maximum of four storeys should soon be able to find out the rating technical and satisfaction rating assigned to each contractor accredited by Residential Construction Guarantee (GCR). Access in the directory of accredited companies announced for June 6 to summer temporarily postponed.

In 2017 and 2018, 15,145 homes were inspected for their construction by GCR.

Inspections are carried out according to the construction code respected by the municipality where the houses are built. When no code is in force, the National Building Code 1985 is used as a reference.

Ratings range from AA to D.

All accredited contractors have their rating, which is made up as follows:

  • 50% come from the technical rating
  • 40% come from the financial rating
  • 10% come from customer satisfaction rating

Entrepreneurs who are not technically or financially known to GCR are temporarily rated N (unlisted).

In in any case, if an entrepreneur is accredited by GCR, you benefit from the protections that apply.

Inspection rate according to quality rating

The table below illustrates the inspection rates per record according to the quality rating and the status assigned:

The odds are based on the result inspections carried out by Garantie de construction residential under several aspects, such as the waterproofing of windows, foundations, frame.

Companies that obtain an AA technical rating go beyond the building code. This is the case, for example, of those which isolate the foundation from the outside or which obtain a sound transmission index at least 58 instead of 50.

The satisfaction rating is based on the number of complaints compared to the number of homes registered, as well as on the follow-up made during a complaint. A company with 91 or more points (out of 100) gets an AA rating.

Ratings are reviewed annually.

Under the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings, GCR obligatorily accredits any company that builds a single-family, semi-detached or row house, or a building in co-ownership of up to four floors. For residential buildings more high, protections are optional or non-existent.

The vice president at GCR tells us this

“This is a big step forward in consumer protection in Quebec because, precisely, we comes for the first time to allow the consumer to be able to make a choice enlightened when preparing to do business with a construction contractor new. He will be able to know “does this entrepreneur build well or well he may build a little less well ”

“It will ensure that entrepreneurs will also be brought to perform better, because a C will not want remain a C; he will want to become a B, or even more ”

“Ultimately, what we want is to better protect consumers and improve the quality of construction in Quebec. There has been an improvement over the past few years. A study was unveiled in January showing a 54 percent decrease in construction defects in the past two years. But the fact remains that there is still work to be done. And we are convinced that the disclosure of the odds will ensure that the situation will improve further in the coming years ”

F. Simard (GCR)

Directory of accredited companies:

31 October 2022

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