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Why not take advantage of this confinement to start training at a distance?

Do you want to work in the construction industry? Choose one of the distance learning courses offered by Formation construction. Thus, you will have all the weapons to pass your RBQ exams.


Integrate RBQ online training

The construction sector is positioned as one of the leading areas of economic activity in Quebec. It includes all activities relating to the design and construction of infrastructure, private or public buildings.

Our courses are aimed at people who have most often left school for a long time … and who are now active. The lessons are very progressive, very clear and very concrete and are aimed at all levels. In addition, our trainers help you throughout your training.

To integrate our training, you just need to know how to use a computer and an internet browser. This course is suitable for RBQ license candidates, license respondents wishing to acquire an additional area of expertise.  or for employees wishing to retrain.

No prior knowledge is necessary. You just need to have sufficient motivation to engage in this training. Ask yourself these questions and answer them  :  “Why do I want to do this training  ? What will become of me after doing this training  ? What will become of me if I don’t do it  ?  ”

Answering these questions will show you how motivated you are. For the rest, trust the process and our dedicated team to support you and lead you to success.

At Formation construction, you also have the option of registering regardless of the time of year.

Your personalized user account

Follow your online training with peace of mind thanks to your online user account.  Accessible 24/7 , you can connect to it from your computer, tablet or smartphone. So you work at your own pace and manage your training remotely  as you see fit.

The user account, made available to you upon registration, gives you access to many training content.

Because your time is precious, you have a messaging system that allows you to contact your trainers directly.

With your user account, you benefit from a real personalized follow-up! 


Follow your training remotely

Our online learning allows you to acquire knowledge at your own pace, according to your professional and personal needs. This education also has the advantage of being less expensive than face-to-face learning. We have a competent teaching team, which will provide you with quality courses, as well as tailor-made support adapted to your entrepreneurial project.

Formation Construction guarantees your registration for 1 year, starting from your registration date. For 1 year, you benefit from personalized educational support as well as access to your courses on the teaching platform. You can adjust your course as you wish and take your exams again. You benefit from this service at no additional cost.


How RBQ online courses work

All you need to do is log in with your username and password chosen when ordering to access your courses and the various resources (Texts of Laws, Codes, regulations, standards, exercises and evaluation questionnaires, etc.) the study platform.

The courses are divided into modules, they allow you to improve your skills on a specific subject assessed in the RBQ exams. You choose to navigate in the course according to the subject you wish to study and you consult as many times as you want the modules, exercises, questionnaires… during all the duration of your access.

Each course has a theoretical part to study.

Depending on the subjects studied, different types of exercises are also offered for your understanding (multiple choice questionnaires).

You study RBQ courses designed to allow you to quickly and effectively assimilate the skills you must master in order to pass the current RBQ exams.

You can view your courses and complete the formative exams as many times as you want.


Invitation to official RBQ exams

Whatever RBQ license you are aiming for, you are guaranteed to follow preparations in accordance with the official RBQ exam programs as defined in the competency profiles.

You will attend the tests at an RBQ office closest to your home following receipt by post of your invitation. The Construction Training team is at your disposal to give you every chance of success and to assist you in the process of requesting a summons to the RBQ exams. For advice and specific information on how to register, you can consult our specialists at all times. You also benefit from an educational follow-up adapted to the objectives of the exams for which you are preparing.

We are updating our page Facebook  progressively to keep our customers informed of the latest news and the measures taken by the RBQ for exam invitations.





Founded in 2000, Formation Construction is the largest provider of preparatory training for passing RBQ exams in Canada.

Thousands of entrepreneurs – from various industries – have taken a course at Formation Construction.

Our 100% online courses are designed by leading specialists in the construction industry.

Throughout your study, the trainers are available to help you, answer your questions and monitor your progress 24/7.

We help you to put together your compliant file, which should be sent to the RBQ.

At each stage of your project, you get  advice from expert professionals to help you ask yourself the right questions and provide you with the essential tools to ensure you start a lucrative business.

You are oriented on the insurance and mandatory guarantees related to your entrepreneur’s license and have access to a panel of services essential to your business launch.

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31 October 2022


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