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Process of an RBQ license application

Process of a license application to the RBQ.


To issue or not a license, the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) first assesses the professional skills of the construction company in one or more fields of qualification.


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Who has to take the RBQ exams?

These are people present within the company (manager, shareholder, director or employee) who will have to undergo an assessment of their professional skills.

To be able to respond, you must be either

*  Shareholder at  10%  company minimum

*  Company manager

A leader is: -A member of a company (administrator) -In the case of a legal person: a director, an officer (person appointed by the shareholders or by the board of directors, such as the president, the vice-president, etc.) or a shareholder holding at least  10% shares with voting rights.

or * Full-time manager (company employee)

 A full-time manager is an employee of the company whose working hours correspond to the working day and week established within this company.

Also for your full license you can be several guarantors. 


Obviously, if you are a natural person doing business alone (sole proprietorship) , you will have to go through all the necessary qualification assessments.

It is possible to be a referee for one or more fields of qualification.

A person can also be responsible for more than one company.

Indeed, a natural person, holder or not of a license, can request a license  on behalf of more than one company or legal person if it has 50  % of the shares of these companies  or 50  % of shares with voting rights of these Moral people , and if it has not waived the rights inherent in its participation or its shares.


Personal bankruptcy

You can apply for a license from the RBQ as soon as you have obtained the document confirming your discharge from bankruptcy.


What is assessed for obtaining an RBQ license?

Depending on the desired subclasses and the type of business, the skill areas for which professional skills are to be assessed differ.


General or specialized contractor’s license annex 2

For this type of license, the areas assessed are  :

  1. administration
  2. safety management on construction sites
  3. project and site management
  4. execution of construction work for the subclasses of annex 1 or 2 of the List of license subclasses  –  PDF  (131  KB) .

However, for subclasses 1.4 to 1.7  (civil engineering works), the areas evaluated are:

  1. administration
  2. safety management on construction sites specific to the respondent’s choice of subclass
  3. project and site management specific to the respondent’s choice of subclass.

You must pass all the exams to obtain the subclass requested on the license.


General builder-owner license

For this type of license, the areas assessed are  :

  1. safety management on construction sites
  2. project and site management
  3. execution of construction works.


Specialized owner-builder license

For this type of license, the areas assessed are  :

  1. safety management on construction sites
  2. execution of construction works for the subclasses of Annex II of the  List of license subclass  –  PDF  (131  KB) .



Special needs for exams?

Exam accommodations are available for people with disabilities.

You must submit a request to the RBQ by attaching the form Adaptation of evaluation methods  –  PDF  (676  KB)  at your request for a license or license modification. This form must be completed by a relevant professional authority (doctor, occupational therapist, psychologist, remedial educator, etc.).


  • Dyslexia
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Reduced mobility
  • Visual impairment
  • Extended examination time
  • Individual examination room
  • Reading of documents by a supervisor


How to take the exams?

All you have to do is complete and send to the RBQ the license application form that matches your situation.

If the request is complete and compliant , it will be processed within 60 days from the date of receipt of the request.

The RBQ will communicate in writing with the referee (s) to inform them of the date, time and address of the premises where the required exam (s) will be held.

On the other hand, if the demand is incomplete or non-compliant , the RBQ will contact the company within 15 days from the date of receipt of the request to request the missing information or documents.

If the information or documents are not received within the prescribed time limits, the fees required for processing your request will be retained by the RBQ; the fees payable for a license will be refunded to you. You will then need to reapply for a license and pay the fees again.


What do the RBQ exam questions look like?

  • All exams consist of multiple choice questions.
  • For each question, there is only one correct answer.
  • As the questions are multiple choice, the correction is objective.
  • Some questions may refer to scenarios with plans and specifications.
  • Some questions require reference to documents such as codes, regulations or laws. These documents will be loaned to you on site.

For some jobs, you practice a billing policy based on the following data:

  • The salary is set at 20.00  $ / hour.
  • Social benefits, employer contributions before the Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) and various payroll taxes are $ 5.00 / hour.
  • The cost for the CNESST is $ 5.50 / $ 100 of salary.
  • The desired benefit is 15  %.

At what hourly rate should you bill your customers? (Round to 1.00  $ near)

  • A) 25.00  $ / hour
  • B) 26.00  $ / hour
  • C) 30.00  $ / hour
  • D) 35.00  $ / hour

Correct answer: C



In any case, the RBQ does not disclose the results of examinations by telephone. These are sent by post to the address of the person who took the exams.


What to do in case of failure?

From the receipt of your confirmation of failure, you have 30 days to make a re-examination request .

This request must be accompanied by payment for the total amount of the exam (s) to be re-written. The RBQ will contact you to inform you of the date on which the examination session will take place.

If you fail a supplemental exam , you will not be able to be re-admitted to this exam before 6 months following the date of the failure decision.

If you want to challenge your failure , you have 30 days  following the date of the failure decision rendered by the RBQ for request a review  –  PDF  (134  KB).



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