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Our approach, your success!

Let's plan and ensure the success of your next RBQ exams and your business launch together.


Understand your entrepreneurial project and your personal needs

Because your entrepreneurial project and your needs are unique, we start by understanding them. First, our specialists study in depth your expectations, your current environment, your objectives and deadlines, the work on which you wish to work and in which area. This first step allows you to collect a set of key information that will allow you to define the categories and subcategories of RBQ licenses adapted to your project, give you the right tools and plan for obtaining your RBQ license.


Translating your ambitions into actions

You benefit from personalized support in your project, from the preparation for the RBQ exams to the concrete creation of your business (registration, registration) as well as in the follow-up of it after your launch in business. We have set up a real support course. You have access to a set of complementary services relevant to any entrepreneur in the construction field. All the experts involved in your project to obtain an RBQ license come together around a common goal: your success! Because the proliferation of actors and procedures in the field of construction in Quebec is sometimes a brake on entrepreneurship, we provide you with simple and effective solutions to optimize your mandatory procedures and create the link with all the operators who can work on your project.

To be the single source of innovative training solutions for contractors in the construction industry

  • Never be alone!
  • Reach your goals with the help of trainers and a team available 24/7
  • Get answers to your questions via our recognized technical support, with a satisfaction rate of 97% in the answers provided.
  • Benefit from the excellence of our service under study
  • Take advantage of RBQ training and tailor-made certificates
  • Let yourself be guided, with convincing results.
  • Get the best insurance and bonding offers from our large pool of contractors.
  • Live a true collaborative experience
  • Entrust your entrepreneurial project to a reliable, ethical, performance-oriented partner.
  • Benefit from a privileged, transparent and efficient relationship with our teams.

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