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Online training – Globalex

Presentation of Globalex LLC.

Globalex, a company in operation for 10 years.

Globalex works to develop practical and educational techniques that meet the needs of the economy for skilled labor in the construction fields.

In many countries, reforms aimed at consolidating or overhauling vocational and technical training management systems are underway. All these reforms are based on a pedagogy and an organization centered on the skills to be integrated into active life and which are necessary to practice a trade related to the fields of construction, ie the skills-based approach.

To encourage these reforms, Globalex affirms its interest in professional and technical training in the various fields of construction throughout the world. The company addresses all aspects of vocational training, from studies to the development of job-skills, training and assessment benchmarks to the pedagogical and material organization guide.

Globalex develops tools for decision-makers responsible for training trades in the construction sector, these tools are also proof that French-speaking expertise in vocational and technical training is rich and effective.


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