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11.2 Special equipment and products

Subclass 11.2

This subclass authorizes construction work which is not reserved exclusively for master pipe-mechanics and electrical contractors and which concerns all types of equipment and special products which are not already covered by a subclass provided for in Annex II or to this Annex as well as similar or related construction work.

Additional explanations

This subclass includes in particular construction work relating to:

  • the installation of central vacuum systems;
  • equipment used in sports centers, stadiums, gymnasiums or other similar places (basket balls, climbing rope, wall bars, indicator clocks, bowling alleys, assembly and anchoring of games and furniture in a public park;
  • to climbing walls;
  • dividing curtains in gymnasiums, among others;
  • library facilities;
  • medical equipment;
  • stage and theater equipment (stage curtains in particular), deposit boxes;
  • at vending machines, such as money changers, cash dispensers, etc .;
  • parking lot equipment, such as gatehouses, barriers, ticket machines, etc .;
  • loading dock equipment (platforms, wall bumpers, waterproofing cushions;
  • waste handling equipment;
  • food service equipment;
  • wooden, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass or metal awnings, fixed or retractable (erection of the framework and attachment to the building);
  • to any type of anchoring such as the anchoring of bicycle racks, industrial machinery, conveyors, flying scaffolds, etc .;
  • sign supports;
  • service station equipment (piping and tanks require subclass 1.8);
  • generator sets, stationary generators (except the electrical connection which requires subclass16);
  • mechanical installation of bowling alleys;
  • to an overhead crane integrated into a civil engineering structure such as a power station, incinerator, purification plant, etc .;
  • permanent signage in a building (e.g. exit signage required by the Construction Code) or on a civil engineering structure (e.g. road signage, line marking on the roadway, advertising sign), anchoring signage on a construction site, work for sign supports and other similar or related construction work;
  • detection loops installed in the roadways;
  • systems for transporting documents.
  • in cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, sports centers, etc.


  • installation and removal of the canvas of an awning;
  • assembly and assembly of playpen games having a free-standing base;
  • installation of decorative shelves, small mirrors and bathroom accessories (soap dish, towel bar, mirrors), vertical and horizontal blinds, draperies, curtains, venetian;
  • mosquito net repair;
  • construction of an overhead crane or a conveyor system which does not constitute building equipment, except for anchoring work. On the other hand, construction work relating to the installation of the bridge that affects the structure of the building constitutes construction work for which a construction contractor’s license is required (e.g. reinforcement of the building framework, construction of concrete bases, raising of the roof, welding of components to the building structure);
  • construction of a sign along roads and highways except if the sign is located in the road or highway right-of-way;
  • relating to a mobile sign on a trailer, connected by means of a plug;
  • relating to the application of flexible lettering (eg: vinyl) directly to a window;
  • drawing lines on an indoor or outdoor sports surface.


Examinations to take:

NB: There is no examination of the execution of the construction works for the licenses of Annex III.

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22 August 2023

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