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13.5 Special or prefabricated installations

Subclass 13.5

This subclass authorizes construction work which is not reserved exclusively for master pipe-mechanics and electrical contractors and which concerns special or prefabricated installations, such as cold rooms, swimming pools, skating rinks, excluding their heating systems. or refrigeration, as well as noise and vibration protection systems.

It also authorizes similar or related construction work.

Additional explanations

This subclass includes in particular construction work relating to:

  • to swimming pools at inside buildings;
  • swimming pools and wading pools built in municipal, provincial or federal parks;
  • water park equipment;
  • storage tanks other than those relating to petroleum equipment installations;
  • to the “bands” of skating rinks and their bay windows, to the players’ benches;
  • inflatable structures (excluding foundations);
  • cathodic protection;
  • all piping, filters and other accessories for water treatment and circulation systems (however, this subclass does not include work reserved exclusively for master pipe-mechanics, that is, work referred to in chapter III, Plumbing, of the Quebec Construction Code such as the water supply and return piping);
  • the assembly of prefabricated wood kilns comprising only the walls, doors and roof in prefabricated panels, including the installation of anchors;
  • prefabricated parts for radiation protection;
  • photovoltaic and wind power generation systems.

NB: The installation of the refrigeration system in cold rooms falls under subclass 15.10 and the installation of a heating system in a dryer falls under one or the other of the heating systems subclasses appropriate


  • construction of above-ground swimming pools and outdoor in-ground swimming pools as well as ponds and fountains (except in municipal, provincial or federal parks);
  • erection of a cold room or other self-supporting structure not fixed to the ground (eg: clean room, strong room).


Examinations to take:

NB: There is no examination of the execution of the construction works for the licenses of Annex III.

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22 August 2023

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