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2.7 Sitework

Subclass 2.7

This subclass authorizes construction work relating to the preparation and finishing of sites, such as alignment, leveling, fencing, demolition, paving and asphalting, interlocking paving stones as well as construction work. similar or related.

Additional explanations

This subclass includes in particular construction work relating to:

  • the stripping of buildings of all kinds, civil engineering works and equipment intended for public use (also includes the removal of asbestos);
  • the total or partial demolition of buildings, civil engineering works, equipment intended for public use and installations unrelated to a building, including the demolition program, demolition and rehabilitation the location of the work;
  • the coating of roads, streets, parking lots using bituminous concrete, cement concrete, paving stones and any other type of paving;
  • the repair of potholes, bellies, cracks in the roadway as well as the construction of speed bumps;
  • prefabricated or poured curbs for sidewalks including sidewalks;
  • interlocking paving stones, concrete, granite, asphalt, etc .;
  • with interlocking cobblestone walls;
  • fences necessary for the use of the building or civil engineering work, in particular a penitentiary, an electrical substation, a daycare or a school, anti-glare metal fences on the roads and all fences erected in a park, along a highway, etc .;
  • maintenance of equipment connected to an electrical installation such as the replacement of parts (barrier opening mechanisms, detector, etc.).

NB: It should be noted that any construction contractor can carry out demolition work in his own subclass. This could be, for example, the removal of asbestos by a thermal insulation contractor ( 7 ) or by a building contractor ( 1.2 ).

NB: The contractor holding this subclass can dismantle an electrical installation, previously disconnected by an electrical contractor or by the distributor, as the case may be, since this work is not exclusive to electrical contractors. The same applies to the dismantling of an installation intended for the use, storage or distribution of gas or of an installation of petroleum equipment, provided that these installations have been previously disconnected, purged and secure.


  • construction of private roads and other work on private land such as low walls and other landscaping work;
  • concerning steps made of concrete blocks and pavers resting on gravel and serving as access to a building without being attached to it and completing the landscaping;
  • construction of fences around buildings, except those compulsory according to its use (see above);


Examinations to take:

NB: There is no examination of the execution of the construction works for the licenses of Annex III.

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22 August 2023

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