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Five, four, three, two, one, zero … change!


Nothing says 2021 will be the revival we’ve been waiting for, but we know what we’re leaving behind, and we’re happy to be leaving it, so let’s keep moving forward!

Having an ambition, a project … allows you to project yourself into the future and motivate yourself.

It may be to want to create a business and launch a professional activity.

Even if for the moment it is a dream, it can come true in 2021!

By defining what you want to do, you will be able to influence the course of your life in the right direction instead of letting yourself be carried away by habits.




1- Examine all of your options.

Take the time to review the different options available to you in the short and long term.



2- Take into account your strengths.

List your current knowledge and skills.

You will be better prepared if you have a good grasp of your goal, your personal and professional skills as well as the requirements of your project.



3- Make a realistic list of the pros and cons of the desired change.

Think about what you’re going to do and how much you’ll leave behind. Consider your work environment, its location, the opportunities in the sector …



4- Ask the opinion of people who know you well and in whom you trust.

You can develop certain qualities over time, but you have to admit that some are very useful for success when you start a business.  Autonomy, Perseverance, Self-confidence, Ability to adapt …



5- Proceed methodically. 

Take the time to gather all the information you need to know what your days will be like in your new role as an entrepreneur and what the biggest benefits and challenges will be.

List specific points in writing.



6- Plan your expenses.

Make a detailed plan of your future expenses such as office space, equipment, various insurance …



7- Establish a schedule.

What is the best time of the year to get started?

How long will it take you to start your business?

Is there a way to gradually move from your current situation to your new direction? Knowing exactly where you are going will make it easier to mark the next steps.



8- Find out from the source.

A lot of wrong information will be given to you by Intel or Intel.

To disentangle the true from the false, get information from reliable sources, whether they are the organizations governing permits and licenses or whether they are tax specialists for example.



9- Do not let yourself be scared.

Maintain a positive attitude towards change. Be patient and try to avoid jumping to negative conclusions when you come across obstacles. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know, take this opportunity for change to ask questions, train yourself and expand your skills.



10- Give yourself time to adjust.

Take the time to think about your future growth, think about ”  long term  “.

Thinking of ”  long term ”, you can ensure that you have sufficient resources and that you build your business on a solid footing.



In conclusion  : opt for a strategic and creative approach!

When you are truly considering a change, prepare your transition to be as easy as possible. This involves identifying the qualifications required, listing your knowledge, skills and experience already acquired. In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

This list will allow you to understand what training to follow and the contacts to make for this new sought-after challenge.







Founded in 2000, Formation Construction is the largest provider of preparatory training for passing RBQ exams in Canada.

Thousands of entrepreneurs – from various industries – have taken a course at Formation Construction.

Our 100% online courses are designed by leading specialists in the construction industry.

Throughout your study, the trainers are available to help you, answer your questions and monitor your progress 24/7.

We help you to put together your compliant file, which should be sent to the RBQ.

At each stage of your project, you get  advice from expert professionals to help you ask yourself the right questions and provide you with the essential tools to ensure you start a lucrative business.

You are oriented on the insurance and mandatory guarantees related to your entrepreneur’s license and have access to a panel of services essential to your business launch.

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31 October 2022

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