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RBQ procedures and forms


To apply for a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec ( RBQ ), the form to fill out varies depending on your situation. Formation Construction customers benefit from assistance in sending forms.

Choosing the right form

If in doubt about choosing the right form, we invite you to refer to your 10-digit Québec enterprise number (NEQ) assigned when registering your registered or incorporated business.

The first two digits of your NEQ correspond to the legal form of your business.

  • Legal person 11
  • Natural person 22
  • Company 33

If you do not have a registered business and you are acting in your own name, you must complete the “Natural person” form

Compliance of your request

Your license application must include all areas assessed, otherwise it will be returned to you as incomplete. You cannot, therefore, submit a request for examination by examination.

Of course, there may be a different respondent for each of the domains.

Time limit

Depending on the time of year when you apply for your license, the different notice periods.

Current lead times are 3 to 6 weeks.

Call us for more details.

Things to consider

Items to attach to you form

You must attach to your form the payment for each exam to be taken, collected by the RBQ.

Price per exam  :  $97.58 -Specialized (x3) General (x4)

You will also have to attach the payment for the first year of the License.

Specialized License Fee:  $787.32

General License Fee:  $1197.27

Obviously the License year will be counted from the day you actually get your License.

Note that since September 4, 2018, all company executives, as well as natural persons, must provide a copy of one of their identity documents with picture issued by a government authority . For instance  : a driver’s license, a health insurance card or a passport.

You will also need to attach to your form a  proof of bond (original document)  of 20  $000 (Specialized) or $40,000 (General).

Our large pool of contractors allows us to offer competitive prices on the market as well as exclusive products to construction contractors.  All you have to do is request it via the  online form.


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