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Prepare to obtain your RBQ license from home

Faced with the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic, Formation construction is in total solidarity with RBQ license applicants, companies, their employees, and will continue to be fully mobilized in the days and weeks to come. 
Our teams are therefore all in place and our services offered normally.
We are updating our page Facebook  progressively to keep our customers informed of the latest news and the measures taken by the RBQ for exam invitations.

Here are several answers to your questions:



What is the difference between an online course and a classroom course?

It is quite legitimate to wonder what makes the difference between courses given online and courses given in the classroom, and also to know which of the solutions is more advantageous. A normal question since, even if the goal is obviously not to determine which school is the best, each one certainly has its own characteristics.

The constraints of classroom lessons

Classroom classes give you the benefit of physical contact with the trainers and possibly other learners. This allows you to develop your sociability and your competitive spirit.

We must not forget, however, that going to study in a physical establishment supposes to comply with certain constraints.  : fixed schedules to be respected, trips to be made, objectives to be reached over a period defined by the school or the trainers, various costs, etc. Not to mention that depending on the number of learners present in a class, the follow-up is not necessarily personalized.

Returning to the school benches also leaves most adults undecided when they want to improve their skills or acquire new skills. Their reluctance is explained by the fear of the gaze of others, a worry that leads to a certain frustration that few know how to overcome.

Study at your own pace with online courses

Unlike classroom courses, online courses have few or no constraints. Indeed, you study at your own pace, according to your schedule and it is the school which, this time, adapts to your personal or professional obligations.

Your daily life will not necessarily be upset because you will have resumed your studies since you will be working at the hours you have set for yourself. Otherwise,  you will no longer have to worry about firm schedules, deadlines to be respected or long trips to be made.

Finally, you can start your training at any time of the year and finish it at your own pace.

An opportunity for all ages and backgrounds

Each course adapts to the learner. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, looking for professional retraining or already having a stable profession but eager to integrate new skills, you will have the chance to refine your knowledge or acquire new ones without disrupting your daily life. Better, at Formation Construction, you will benefit from a personalized follow-up with trainers at your disposal to accompany you in your study. An opportunity offered to everyone, with no age or educational restrictions.


Are your courses only given online?

Yes absolutely, we were teaching in class 20 years ago. Since 2000, we have offered courses only online and it is a very popular format for RBQ license applicants. Unlike classroom lessons, you study on your schedule when and where you want. All you have to do is connect to the site using Internet access. You are never alone: your trainers and assistants support you in a personalized way throughout your study. They answer your questions, help you understand the topics.


Can online training be compared to classroom training?

Yes and no. Yes, because the quality of the courses and the seriousness of the study programs are just as demanding. The preparation for the RBQ exams strictly follows the provincial standards and the level of the teaching staff compares with the best professional schools.

No, because the online training follows its own pedagogical approach. It’s another way of training, an alternative. Unlike the followed and sometimes very academic supervision of classroom training, online study requires you to organize yourself in your study schedule.

Admittedly, this seems less easy at first glance, but it can be learned without difficulty and gradually, throughout the study with the support of the trainers who answer your questions.

Finally, less dependent on a strict school timetable, you can more easily organize your study time according to your current desire and your requirements.


Who can take RBQ online training?

If you think RBQ online courses are not for you, think again  ! At Formation Construction, online training is aimed at all profiles. Discover our teaching method adaptable to all and which will convince you of the fact that you too can resume the path of study to undertake your professional project.

RBQ online training for all profiles

RBQ online training meets all learner profiles. Whether you are a simple student, an employee, a retraining worker, a man, a woman, you can take courses online. Especially since at Formation Construction online training adapts to your level, whether you are a graduate or not.

Originally, online training was developed to meet the skills and preparatory training needs of future entrepreneurs geographically remote from major urban centers. Today, it also responds to those of people wishing to prepare for the RBQ exams but unable to do so due to various personal or professional constraints.

With that in mind, if we try to define the typical profile of a person able to follow an RBQ online training, we will simply not succeed and for good reason.  : everyone is fit to take our courses as long as she has the motivation to. RBQ online training is simply for people who want to achieve their professional project, develop in their work or simply change it.

A teaching method adapted to all

At Formation Construction, we support you throughout your journey. Of course, you will study your lessons on your own, but it will be done at your own pace and you will always be surrounded by an educational team who will assist you in the realization of your project. Your trainers answer your questions and answer each of your needs, giving you clarification and support if needed.

Whether you are young or old, with or without diplomas, our teaching method has been designed so that you assimilate the skills assessed by the RBQ gradually, at your own pace.

The transmission of know-how takes place in such a way that you acquire the knowledge that  you will then consolidate through the various exercises, quizzes and formative exams integrated into the courses

This whole process is adapted to your personal or professional obligations and is done while respecting your learning pace and your specific needs.



Are the online courses suitable for all areas assessed by the RBQ?

Whatever field you want to work in,  learning always involves theory and practice, which also applies to our RBQ online courses. While acquiring theoretical knowledge does not present any particular difficulty in online training, the practical part requires a scenario that we are tempted to believe to be unrealizable from a distance. Is this really the reality  ?

The two aspects of learning skills

The training is always done in two stages, namely the theoretical acquisition of know-how and technical learning through practical exercises.

The transmission of technical knowledge, even through online courses, is done in a fairly traditional way. The trainer uses different types of media in order to give learners a summary of his course which he then supports with his explanations to facilitate understanding.

Beyond the obvious application of theory, practical skills are above all the first steps in a profession and it is therefore important that they reflect the reality of the tasks at hand. This can take the form of an analysis of the situation or of company documents in the construction industry.


Could I practice on mock exams?

As soon as you have finished studying your RBQ course, exam simulations (quiz) allow you to test your knowledge, assess your level and your understanding of the subjects.


How long will my RBQ training last?

As an indication, the duration of an RBQ training is calculated on the basis of a twenty hours of study per course . However, students do not all have the same personal and professional experience; the duration can therefore vary from more to less depending on the learner. You have complete freedom to work at your own pace according to your level, your skills and your free time during the 365 days of your online access (renewable) . You can therefore interrupt your study for a certain time depending on your availability. However, for a good progression we recommend a regular study.


When can I register for your RBQ online courses?

With Formation Construction, you register anytime!

With online education, wherever you live, you study at home at your own pace, without leaving your job, without changing your habits. In addition, you can start your training at any time of the year. Your access to lessons is immediate upon validation of your payment. You can therefore start preparing for your RBQ exams. the day of your order .


Can I take the courses abroad? (for those who would be blocked outside of Quebec currently)

Yes of course since our teaching is remote. It needs just an internet connection.

You can also communicate with our customer service, educational and administrative services as well as with your trainers.

We have students who follow their training from abroad and benefit from the same quality education. This is the great strength of distance training


How often can I consult an RBQ course and its formative exams?

There is no No limits. You can view your courses and complete the formative exams as many times as you want.


Can I benefit from a tax deduction?

Yes, our RBQ training courses are deductible at 100% on the amount of your tax.


Can Formation Construction help me in the administrative procedures of my project to obtain an RBQ license?  ?

Yes, when you are admitted to training, Construction Training accompany you in all your administrative procedures  regarding your license requests and this for free .




Founded in 2000, Formation Construction is the largest provider of preparatory training for passing RBQ exams in Canada.

Thousands of entrepreneurs – from various industries – have taken a course at Formation Construction.

Our 100% online courses are designed by leading specialists in the construction industry.

Throughout your study, the trainers are available to help you, answer your questions and monitor your progress 24/7.

We help you to put together your compliant file, which should be sent to the RBQ.

At each stage of your project, you get  advice from expert professionals to help you ask yourself the right questions and provide you with the essential tools to ensure you start a lucrative business.

You are oriented on the insurance and mandatory guarantees related to your entrepreneur’s license and have access to a panel of services essential to your business launch.

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31 October 2022

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