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Update – 2017

New for 2017



1.  Visual changes to the site
2. Improved navigation in the courses
3. Change in the structure of the practical exams
4. Addition of a “retake the exam” button at the top of the answer key
5. Simplification of the user menu
7. Access to PDF invoices via the user menu
8. Adding a knowledge base
9. Send your RBQ exam results via the home page
10. Check the status of training
11. Submit an improvement


1. Correction of the display of the Administration course glossary
2.  Password recovery fixes
3.  General performance improvement


1. Addition of 500 questions taken from the RBQ exams (Jan.-Fef. 2017)
2. Prioritization of new questions in formative exams
3. Adjustment of the material according to changes made to the building code
4. Separation of license subcategories for the execution of the work
5. Addition of qualified personnel to answer telephone calls
6. Addition of the license 6.1 Timber frames


1. Some user accounts have been suspended for inactivity, contact us to activate them again.
2. Some users will need to reset their password .

31 October 2022

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Setup Menus in Admin Panel