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Credits and grants 2018 – 2022

Credits and grants 2018 -2022  : Energy-efficient renovation has a bright future ahead of it …

The different programs and financial aids available to help consumers go green are not mutually exclusive, so it may be possible to take advantage of all programs at once! Provided, of course, that the criteria for each of them are met.

For example, nothing prevents receiving a grant for work carried out within the framework of Rénoclimat (improvement of the energy efficiency of housing) and also to obtain a tax credit according to the program RenoVert , which only affects a 20% portion of work over $ 2,500.

In addition, if the work involves the replacement of an oil-fired water heater, it is also possible to resort to Heat green !



The program  Rénoclimat offers a financial aid which varies according to the type of dwelling for insulation, waterproofing, heating, geothermal work and many others.

It is expected to end on March 31, 2021.

This is the only program  home energy retrofit that includes an energy assessment  before and after work

Part of the cost of the assessment is reimbursed as part of Rénoclimat .

Enhanced in March 2018, the program now offers financial assistance for the replacement of doors, windows and skylights. Of a sum of  $ 60 per rough opening, this assistance is offered with the purchase and installation of ENERGY STAR qualified products  corresponding to the appropriate climatic zone.

Financial assistance from 2  150  $ is also added for the replacement of the heat pump of a geothermal system already in place. Financial assistance for installation  where the replacement of a complete system , already offered, is now standardized and increased to 5  365  $.

In addition, the installation of a air-source heat pump must now meet minimum requirements, in addition to being ENERGY STAR qualified .

The works  have to

  • Wear on the building envelope (improved insulation and waterproofing) or on ventilation, heating or water heating systems
  • Allow at least 1 point to improve the EnerGuide rating for housing


Heat green

The program  Heat green  provides financial assistance to replace oil-fired systems with electric energy systems or other renewable sources, such as wind, geothermal or aerothermal energy (heat pump).

It will end on March 31, 2021.

Modified in March 2018, this program is now intended to be distinctive from the program Rénoclimat in which it is no longer included.

Note also the enhancement of the program. Thus, the conditions for the eligibility of fuel systems to be converted have been relaxed. In addition, among the eligible renewable energies are added forest biomass (pellets) and wood .

The  replacement of ”  water heater  Will now be calculated according to the number of water heaters installed, with some exceptions.

To be eligible, new heating equipment and “  water heater  »Must be new and installed by professional contractors duly accredited.

Furthermore,  buildings with more than 20 dwellings, no more than three floors above ground and a maximum surface area of 600 m²  become eligible for the program Heat green .

This financial assistance is in addition to the renovation tax credit RenoVert , when eligible.

The works must

  • Complete dismantling of the main heater that uses fossil fuel and removal of the tank
  • Include the installation of new new equipment for the heating system  (or the water heater) which are powered by electricity or by one or more sources  of renewable energies
  • Be executed  by one or more qualified contractors, holding licenses from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec appropriate for the dismantling and installation work



Based on its popularity and favorable impact, the Quebec government has decided to renew the home renovation tax credit RenoVert until March 31, 2019. 

The RénoVert program is a measure that contributes to improving the energy balance of Quebec households and stimulates economic activity for both entrepreneurs and workers.

The list of eligible work partly overlaps with those of Rénoclimat and Heat Green , but is wider.

Renovation work must have a beneficial impact on energy or the environment. They may relate in particular to the following aspects:

  • Insulation of roof, exterior walls, foundations and exposed floors
  • Air and water sealing
  • Installation of doors and windows
  • Installation or replacement of heating, air conditioning, water heater or ventilation systems
  • Installation of storm or wastewater systems (unless the eligible dwelling is a cottage)
  • Soil decontamination
  • Installation of solar panels or a domestic wind turbine
  • Development of a green roof

The exact amount of the tax credit is 20% of the amount of eligible work that exceeds $ 2,500. So if you do $ 10,000 work, your credit will be $ 1,500, or 20% of $ 10,000 – $ 2,500 = $ 7,500.

Interestingly, a homeowner can get both the tax credit RenoVert and financial assistance from programs Rénoclimat  and Heat green of Energy Transition Québec.


Tax credit for upgrading residential wastewater treatment facilities.

It is expected to end on March 31, 2022

For work to bring a wastewater treatment system up to standard in a main residence or chalet, this program allows you to obtain a refundable tax credit.

The work recognized for the application of the tax credit relates to the construction, renovation, modification, reconstruction, relocation or expansion of an evacuation, reception or treatment facility for wastewater, lavatory or gray water serving a dwelling.

The recognized works also include those necessary for the restoration of the premises.

The maximum tax credit is 5  500  $ per qualifying home.

It is possible for homeowners to benefit from this refundable tax credit for the years 2017 to 2022 if they have incurred eligible expenses related to carrying out work on residential wastewater treatment facilities at their main location. of their residence or chalet, following an agreement entered into after March 31, 2017 and before April 1, 2022 with a qualified contractor.


What are the advantages of green renovations?

  • Homeowners see their heating and electricity bills cut
  • Green homes sell faster and more expensive than traditional homes
  • A green home provides a healthy and comfortable living environment
  • And of course, green renovating tends to respect the environment more.
31 October 2022

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