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National Construction Day – November 26

National Construction Day aims to recognize and celebrate the merits of the talented women and men who help renovate and construct buildings and infrastructure in Canada.

Bravo to all those who work every day in this beautiful industry that is construction!



In Canada

Construction is fundamental to the Canadian economy. The industry employs 1.4 million people and represents 7% of Canada’s GDP. Construction faces a severe labor shortage as we prepare to see approximately 21  % of workers retire in the next decade.



In the province of Quebec alone

Industry employs 165  000 people to be present 12% of GDP of Quebec.

More than 10  000 new workers construction must be recruited each year.

A number which is set to increase in the coming years due to the replacement of 44  700  people tradesmen who are due to retire within the next decade.

This increase is also due to the various construction projects in the heavy industry sector.  and  civil engineering, including large hydroelectric and power transmission projects, light rail systems (SLR), roads, highways and bridges.

Finally, the increase in investment in  construction of institutional buildings, such as hospitals and schools, increases the number of workers to be recruited.



A major component of the economy

The construction industry not only offers jobs, but also long-term careers.

It is also a stable industry in demand from all sides, both in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

In Quebec, the construction industry allows workers to enjoy a  good quality of life.

The minimum hourly wage is around $ 18 for an apprentice and goes up to $ 45 for a journeyman. The industry also offers extensive insurance coverage and an attractive pension plan.



The construction industry is made up of four major constituents:

  • Builders (general contractors, specialized contractors)
  • Construction professionals (architects, engineers, land surveyors, testing laboratories, research centers, etc.)
  • Manufacturers of construction materials and products
  • Wholesalers and distributors



The construction industry in Quebec is divided into two sectors:

  • Construction non-residential which includes three sub-sectors (heavy industrial construction, institutional and commercial construction, and engineering construction)
  • Construction residential .

Each sector and sub-sector offers its own advantages as well as a range of diverse and challenging work.



Non-residential construction

Heavy industrial construction

Women and men working in heavy industrial construction build huge industrial facilities, such as power plants, refineries, oil sands extraction facilities. All of these projects provide the comforts that we all enjoy every day.


Institutional and commercial construction

Women and men working in the commercial and institutional sector build structures such as condos and high-rise office buildings, stadiums, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, libraries, art galleries and even more. museums.

They are often exceptional architectural buildings!


Civil Engineering Construction

Women and men working in the civil engineering sector build the basic infrastructure and install the essential services that we all need : bridges, highways, roads, public transport networks, water treatment plants and also power or communication lines.

These people help provide us with a better quality of life!


Residential construction

The women and men involved in new home construction and renovation don’t just build houses. Above all, they allow occupants to make their dreams come true!



“The main reason that pushes someone to consider a career in the trades is the satisfaction that a human being derives from taking a tool in his hands and seeing the direct effect of his actions on the world.  ”

Matthew B. Crawford, “What a Good Job Looks Like,”




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31 October 2022

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