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15.6 Propane

Subclass 15.6

This subclass authorizes construction work which is not reserved exclusively for master pipe-mechanics and which concerns installations intended to use, store or distribute propane, including their components and accessories, as well as similar construction work. or related.

Additional explanations

This subclass includes in particular construction work relating to:

  • propane combustion systems, including the installation of burners, heaters, vessels, vaporizers, piping, regulators, accessories, controls, etc .;
  • the connection of central heating appliances (boiler or hot air generator) to the power source (propane);
  • localized heating appliances: propane fireplace, propane stove, propane heater or convector;
  • the installation of the propane supply piping between the cylinder and the burner;
  • the installation of wall vents;
  • connection to the chimney (exhaust ducts);
  • the connection of generators (generator set) running on propane;
  • the installation of prefabricated chimneys for propane;
  • the installation of chimney liners for propane;
  • the installation of control and regulation systems;
  • maintenance and demolition of propane systems;
  • refueling centers, storage cabinets and filling stations;
  • to the connection of propane-powered appliances, such as:
    • domestic or commercial cooker;
    • pool heater;
    • farm equipment: grain dryer, incubator, brooder, etc .;
    • restaurant equipment: deep fryer, pizza oven, chicken roaster, steam table, stove, etc .;
    • water heater (connection to the plumbing system is the responsibility of the plumbing contractor 15.5 or 15.1.1 and the connection to electricity is the responsibility of the electrical contractor (16), if applicable);
    • industrial oven (wood, bread, paint dryer);
    • fridge;
    • dryer.

NB: This subclass does not include work relating to the distribution of hot air or those relating to the distribution of hot water or steam.

NB: Construction work relating to solid fuel localized heating systems falls under subclass 10.

NB: Construction work for a hot water or steam distribution network requires one or other of the following subclass: 15.4 or 15.4.1.


  • for connecting equipment using a quick plug-in connector. For example, stoves, dryers;
  • delivery of propane and replacement of propane cylinders. On the other hand, if the delivery of propane or the replacement of the cylinder requires the installation, the replacement or the repair of the pressure regulator, the license is then required.


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22 August 2023

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