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2.4 Private sewerage systems

Subclass 2.4

This subclass authorizes construction work which is not reserved exclusively for master pipe-mechanics and which concerns the treatment of waste water from buildings as well as similar or related construction work.

Additional explanations

This subclass includes in particular construction work relating to:

  • septic tanks;
  • to leaching fields;
  • sinks;
  • to purifying elements;
  • peat or reed based biofiltration systems;
  • conventional sand filters;
  • to evacuation fields;
  • polishing fields;
  • dry-pit closets;
  • tertiary treatment systems;
  • at the pumping stations of the above systems;
  • sanitation systems covered by the Technical Guide for wastewater treatment for isolated dwellings (even if the volume treated exceeds the limit of the regulation mentioned below).

The construction standards for on-site sanitation systems can be found in the Regulation respecting the evacuation and treatment of wastewater from isolated dwellings (LRQ, c. Q-2, r. 8) administered by the Ministère du Développement durable, de the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change.

NB: Purification systems larger than those subject to the above regulation, in particular municipal equipment, fall under one or other of the following subclasses: 1.3 or 1.4.


  • landscaping around a building, that is to say:
    • earthworks (modification of the terrain profile); :
    • retaining walls in wood, stone or prefabricated blocks; :
    • planting flowers, trees and shrubs; :
    • sowing and laying of sod in rolls (peat); :
    • swimming pools, basins, statues, fountains or outdoor water gardens which are not civil engineering works; :
    • fences (when they are not specifically required by the purpose of the building or civil engineering work); :
    • the irrigation of lawns, plants, shrubs (except when this work is part of a civil engineering work); :
  • emptying septic tanks, sumps, grease traps, oil interceptors, etc .; :
  • maintenance of an on-site sanitation system: see article 3.3 of the regulation mentioned above: “The owner of a treatment system referred to in articles 11.1, 16.1, 87.7 or 87.13 must be bound at all times by contract with the manufacturer of the system, its representative or a qualified third party with the stipulation that a minimum annual maintenance of the system will be carried out. “


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22 August 2023

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