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1.4 Road and main contractor

Subclass 1.4

This subclass authorizes construction work relating to roads and public thoroughfares, sewers, aqueducts, pipelines, railway works and tunnels.

It also authorizes construction work included in subclasses 3.1, 4.1, 5.1 and 6.1 of Annex II, when it concerns a civil engineering work referred to in this subclass.

In addition, this subclass authorizes construction work included in subclass 1.6, but only to have it carried out, when it concerns a civil engineering work referred to in this subclass.

Finally, it authorizes similar or related construction work.

Additional explanations

This subclass includes in particular construction work relating to:

  • dams other than for the generation of electricity;
  • poured or prefabricated concrete curbs for sidewalks and public parking lots;
  • parks, playgrounds, outdoor spaces, pedestrian and cycle paths, equestrian centers, running tracks;
  • the assembly and anchoring of park games and furniture in a public park;
  • at the supply canals, jetties, breakwaters, booms, moles, dikes, fixed or floating docks, locks, basins, cofferdams, launching ramps, lighthouses;
  • lighting and signaling systems forming part of roads and public thoroughfares;
  • at sanitary landfill sites;
  • retaining walls relating to a civil engineering structure, gabions, riprap;
  • railway and monorail structures;
  • road parks: rest areas, lookouts, service areas;
  • at underground passages for pedestrians, cyclists, etc .;
  • pipelines, gas pipelines, oil pipelines;
  • culverts forming part of the road infrastructure;
  • at weighing stations (on public roads);
  • at public campgrounds;
  • outdoor tennis, baseball, football, soccer and golf fields;
  • tunnels and other underground civil engineering works.

This subclass also includes construction work relating to:

  • to aqueducts;
  • at standpipes;
  • to water towers;
  • to the sewers;
  • sewer outlets;
  • at water intakes;
  • to reservoirs;
  • at pumping stations (booster stations, lift stations);
  • watering, irrigation and drainage systems for parks or sports grounds.

This subclass allows its holder to carry out construction work included in the following subclass when it concerns a civil engineering work referred to in this subclass:

  • 3.1 Contractor in concrete structures;
  • 4.1 Contractor in masonry structures;
  • 5.1 Contractor in metal structures and prefabricated concrete elements;
  • 6.1 Contractor in wood frames;
  • All works included in Annex III.

This contractor may also perform work which falls under one or more specialized subclasses above when this work is part of a project relating to his subclass (1.4).

This subclass also allows its holder to to execute submerged civil engineering work included in subclass 1.6 when it concerns a civil engineering work referred to in this subclass.

Construction work relating to a building relating to civil engineering works requires the possession of one or other of the following subclasses: 1.2 or 1.3.

Road and rail bridges fall under subclass 1.5.


  • cleaning of sewers, sumps, aqueducts, etc.


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22 August 2023

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